Ensuring a safer digital world

The DPI Safeguards initiative is a multi-stakeholder process bringing together diverse voices to develop a safeguards framework to guide digital public infrastructure design and implementation around the world. ​
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why now?

Like roads and bridges, digital public infrastructure (DPI) is made of digital building blocks that allow governments to provide safe and inclusive services to people at scale.

Some governments are already deploying DPI at incredible speed and scale, while others are at the beginning of their digital journeys. Regardless of what stage they are in their journey, the necessary safeguards ought to be in place to ensure DPI is safe, trusted, and inclusive for all.

This is where the DPI Safeguards initiative comes in. It is an opportunity for everyone, including from the public and private sectors and civil society, to share lessons learned, create guidance and shape the world's collective digital future.​
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WHAT IS THE FOCUS OF the DPI Safeguards Initiative?

Our approach aims to minimize risks across all layers of digital transformation—technical, normative, and organizational—while ensuring maximum adherence to standards and regulations. This strategic focus creates an environment where DPI implementation is secure, inclusive, practical, and adaptable, thereby safeguarding the integrity of DPI and fostering a secure and trustworthy environment for all stakeholders. Our three key areas include:

DPI Safeguards Framework

Through convenings and expert-led discussions, we will co-create principles and processes for implementing DPI in ways that prioritize people's safety.

DPI Safeguards Resource Hub

A community hub will feature resources from and for partners, including the latest iterations of the Framework, DPI research, and implementation guidance to facilitate international and in-country collaboration as well as knowledge sharing.
Visit the DPI Safeguards Resource Hub
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In-Country DPI Safeguards Adoption

As the DPI Safeguards Framework is being developed, in-country applications of DPI will serve as a test bed to gather insights for improving the Framework's development.

How do we co-create?

Stewarded by the United Nations, the DPI Safeguards initiative is a multi-stakeholder effort towards ensuring a safe and inclusive digital society. Diverse stakeholders contribute through open dialogue and feedback, which will shape the development of the DPI Safeguards Framework. Through regular updates and dedicated multi-phased working groups, we are aiming for a comprehensive and adaptable framework. Here's our process:​


We uncover insights.
By analyzing existing resources, implementation experiences, and expert insights, we map best practices and gather valuable knowledge that informs the development of the Framework.


We build together.
Leveraging the discoveries, we co-create adaptable, open standards and guidelines grounded in real-world contexts. Collaboration with communities, working groups, and stakeholders ensures continuous refinement, resulting in a robust yet flexible framework.


We empower action.
Supporting "lighthouse countries" accelerates their implementation journey, driving momentum for widespread adoption of safeguards. Through partnerships and knowledge exchange, this pilot phase ensures continuous learning and evolution of the DPI Safeguards Framework.


We never stop learning.
Human voices are at the heart of our journey. Through ongoing "Listening & Learning" efforts, we engage with international organizations, conduct in-country consultations, and host multi-stakeholder convenings. This continuous feedback loop refines the DPI Safeguards Framework​, ensuring its relevance, practicality, and ability to address real-world needs.​

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